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L-glutamine is best known among bodybuilders for being anti-catabolic. That means it prevents muscles from suffering tissue breakdown after hard exercise, thus resulting in faster recuperation. It also has an anabolic effect by creating a positive nitrogen balance in cells, which assists in the utilization of protein. This means speedier muscle tissue repair and rebuilding. 

Glutamine, taken with a lot of water, has a “volumizing” effect on muscle cells. By increasing cell volume, more nutrients can enter. Increased cellular volume also results in an anabolic effect by sending signals turn on protein synthesis within the cell. 

After workouts, glycogen is depleted. Glutamine increases the amount of glycogen synthesized in the liver and muscles, making muscles larger and fuller.

Glutamine also helps stimulate the release of hGH (human growth hormone) when taken before going to sleep at night. hGH is an important factor for new tissue growth. In one study, two grams of glutamine administered orally to young adult men were enough to cause over a 400% increase in the release of growth hormone. 

Another feature of glutamine is that improves the function of the gut for better absorption of foods in the intestinal tract A small amount of L-glutamine is very good to take when fasting to prevent the over-dehydration and death of stomach cells.

A typical serving of glutamine is between 5 and 10 grams. One tablespoon equals approximately 5 grams.


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