Amsterdam Glass Bong- H:28cm- Ø:40mm SG:18.8mm


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Amsterdam Glass Bong- H:28cm- Ø:40mm SG:18.8mm 6pcs in box Standing at 26cm, this ‘Amsterdam’ glass bong is a great sized bong for use out of the house, or inside. We designed this bong with the intention of making your smoke session as smooth as possible. That’s why this bong comes with a 40mm detachable slide bowl with a handle & a detachable 18.8mm chillum- keeping it simple with ease. More? Sleek colored glass is featured at the mouth piece, ‘Amsterdam’ logo on the front, and at the ice catcher notches (yes, it has that too). Last, but not least, this beautiful bong features a colored glass percolator- for a smooth hit. Comes in a mixed pack. Colors- Black, Blues, 6pcs in box.

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