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TNT Micro is designed to give you that essential boost that you need before your workout to help you get those extra reps and sets.

We have done this by combining:

Arginine AKG


A straight amino acid with a straight function; the ability to give you the most intense, skin splitting pumps you have ever experienced. Once this hits the system, our blood vessels open up, allowing far greater blood flow to our muscles, meaning greater pumps, faster nutrient delivery and harder contractions.
You literally feel it surging through your veins. and continue to long after the session ends. We’d all love to keep that pumped feeling 24/7. With arginine AKG, we get a bit closer to that dream.
Beta Alanine & Citrulline Malate


These two are like twins; they should never be separated. The combination and dosage in TNT Micro ensures that once they take hold, you’ll feel like there is no such thing as “failure”.

Together, they fight the inevitable onset of fatigue and “the burn” through different pathways and the end result for you is more endurance, high work threshold and a hell of a lot more reps done per workout. You’ll almost double check yourself as you crank out extra reps that you have never managed before. And even better, the effect grows over time….and so will you.


You might think that caffeine is boring and old school but let us tell this; caffeine is timeless and its effects are always potent. Increases mental focus and brain function, greater endurance etc. But a lesser known benefit is high dose caffeine (^200mg) increases pain tolerance! You read that right! Caffeine actually enables us to push past the usual point where we “call it quits”.

The result is obvious. A significant amount of extra tissue damage done per workout and a significant amount of growth as a result. We have a whopper 250mg per serving here so prepare yourself for some epic sessions!

We have managed to combine these proven ingredients without adding any carbohydrates or fats.

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