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The core of any premium intra workout formula is BCAAs, and almost half of Amino Fuel is made up directly of BCAAs.

BCAAs are essential to the body regardless but they really become vital when taken during exercise.

Intra workout BCAAs stop excessive breakdown of muscle tissue, essentially starting the recovery process before the workout ends!

They increase training capacity and have a direct effect on reducing muscle soreness afterwards! If that’s not enough, there have been studies that show a direct decrease in visceral fat (that annoying deep fat around the tummy that hides those abs) when taking them!

Basically, BCAAs help us train harder for longer while growing and recovering faster.
Like BCAAs, glutamine is a simple amino acid, considered essential in those who train. A ridiculous number of benefits are present ranging from boosting the immune system to repairing the digestive system.

However, when taken around training, we gain a great recovery booster in conjunction with BCAAs. Not only does Glutamine promote muscle cell hydration, it boosts Growth Hormone levels significantly, which has a huge impact on growth, recovery and fat loss!
Citruline Malate


You might be noticing a trend here but yes indeed, another potent recovery agent we have in Citrulline Malate.

When active during our workouts, it acts as a PH regulator. This simply means it fights to remove the nasty stuff we produce during training to help us keep pushing harder, for longer.

Additionally, it specifically aids recovery of our fastest energy system between workouts, priming the body for the next set and excercise.

What this means is more work capacity, more strength, more reps and more results.
Beta Alanine


Famous for the “tingle” effect, you can literally feel Beta working. Though through different pathways than Citrulline Malate, Beta Alanine acts in a similar manner by mopping up the excesses that exercise produces leaving us able to push well past our normal workload.

To put it even more simply, you know that point where the muscles fatigue and fail? Well, that’s the point where you’ll have a few extras rep when you use this!


Sometimes, the most basic things have the most profound effect. Electrolytes maintain a healthy fluid balance within the body. Naturally, heavy exercise and sweating can wreak havoc with this balance, often to the point of a significant drop in performance.

Drinking electrolytes throughout a workout negate this possibility, resulting in greater endurance, ability to contract muscle and generate power.

This is nothing more important than hydration when it comes to overall performance and we have that base well covered here.

In short Amino Fuel contains the optimal levels of BCAAs, Glutamine, Beta-Alanine, Citrulline Malate and Electrolytes to help you improve workout performance, whilst improving recovery and decreasing bodyfat.

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